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Sundance: 1 out of 125 chance. And we continue…

August 24, 2012

Hello Mighty Friends of BOX.

BOX is COMPLETE and today, it was submitted to Sundance. If you read just a few lines of this article here:, and you remember how to make percentages and then do some fractional cross multiplication to get yourself back to whole number ratios, you will see there is a 1 out of 125 chances of getting into the festival.

Stranger things have happened! (I, Don, was once trapped by a tornado in Queens. I also sold a fund raising lottery ticket to my mother one winter and she won a chunk of cash. Chris was born in the United States by chance, as were many of us!…)

Keep your eyes peeled. Those of you who are to be invited to the premiere (Because you gave enough, care enough, worked hard enough, or sneak in enough) will get to see BOX on the huge screen. It really looks and sounds beautiful. The rest of you: out-of-towners, daytime drunkards, and who knows what else, well, there will be screeners for you.

We are proud. We feel greatly supported. May everything you have ever wanted have decent odds of happening to you.

Don, Chris & our master-of-visuals, Jendra


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