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A True Story from the Owner of our Highland Falls, NY location on May 5.

May 17, 2012

Saturday when the crew pulled up,. And started for the front door, there were a few people on the street. I made a comment, “Where is Bobby Deniro”. The crew smiled and I chuckled as well. Come Monday morning there was this woman waiting across the street waiting for me. I get to the store and she’s like how exciting; I can’t believe Robert Deniro was here! I told her that wasn’t true he wasn’t here. She insisted and stepped even closer into me and said he was here, His crew was eating at the park. I told her it wasn’t his crew and went on to explain a little bit of went on. She said that the Park had a sign on the front of the restaurant that said Welcome crew and Robert Deniro. I basically sat there with my mouth opened. Monday through actually today I still am being asked.  I tell you, you got to love a small town. Sometimes they know your personal business before you do lol…..Anyway, my best to everyone. I thought you would get a kick out of that story.



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