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Last Call! Heading toward 19K. State of the Art SONY CAMERA

April 17, 2012
Hello great friends,
So many of you have been so generous, it is rather ridiculous. THANK YOU! 113 of you, to be exact, have donated to the making of Box. We are so grateful.

OUR COSTS have ballooned to 19K because of some great news. We are using the new SONY F65 camera! Along with a camera package (lenses, etc.) that is outstanding.  Our Director of Photography is so respected and admired, that she and Sony have partnered and Sony will be using footage from BOX to promote this camera. We are one of the earliest short films to be given this opportunity. Mr. M. Night Shyamalan is shooting his current feature film on the Sony F65 right now. Increased depth of field and many new features will make the Sony F65 the industry standard for digital movie making. (Until something else comes along, one imagines…)

So, we can’t scrimp on staff and design…and we are not. The crew is top notch and everyone is working for peanuts. But those allergens add up…and it has become clear, with our actualized budget, that we need 19,000 dollars worth of those peanuts.

We are two weeks away from closing out this successful campaign, but we still need help getting there.
Many of you have contributed already. So thank you again! Perhaps you would consider forwarding this email to a few fun friends or post this link on one of your many cool social sites:
Or send another five bucks.
Some of you are feeling the pinch of these silly economic times…and we totally get it and we thank you for being so positive and supportive in your enthusiasm for our movie. Would you please post this link on one of your many cool social sites?
And those of you who have considered contributing but have not gotten around to it yet, please jump on and push us toward that 19K mark. We need you!
Is this link getting repetitive? :
Our Story

BOX is a short film about people craving intimacy. How they suffer when intimacy is lost. How they succeed when they live inside of it. And how, possibly, the ones who are good at it can help the ones who are not so good.

Zak and Paula are married but they barely understand each other.  Zak has an appointment with Peter, a man in a gender neutral outfit, who attempts to help him.

Helen works with Peter to help Zak find his way and lends her special magic to all she encounters. Will Helen and Peter’s simple gift of a Box  reveal a new way forward for Paula? Maybe…

All in eleven minutes at three locations. (A kitchen, a warehouse and a beautiful Seventeenth Century Dutch Stone Farmhouse on Five Acres with a pond and gardens.)

What We Need & What You Get

OUR GOAL is to shoot this movie with great artistic integrity. To that end, we are surrounding ourselves with professional talent of the highest caliber, from actors to the director of photography. To pay everyone, down to the newest PA who has just arrived in town. To submit to festivals. And to develop and produce more films with intelligence and sensitivity.

Short movies do not get made by studios. They get made by people like you. By people like us. We need your help.

We have a full crew and the beginnings of a great cast. A shout of gratitude to Mink Stole of John Waters fame and Lou Liberatore from the original Broadway cast of Burn This (with John Malkovich and Joan Allen), who are playing Helen and Peter. To Cindi Rush, casting director, who is working on offers to name talent for Zak and Paula. To Jendra Jarnagin, our wonderful Director of Photography, Sony darling, whose work can be seen in the above video. Chrissy Conant, installation artist and painter, will be our production designer. Micah Bloomberg, the fantastic Indie Film Sound King (Frozen River, Martha Marcy May Marlene) has joined our crew. Mark Repasky, editor at large at Showtime, will pull it all together in post. As Associate Producer, Rebecca Israel is going to keep us all on track the days of the shoot, the first week of May. And, you! We want you to be a part of this process.

This budget will cover:

Five Actors

Associate Producer

Assistant Director

Director of Photography

First Assistant Camera

Second Assistant Camera


Gaffer (lights)

Grip (muscle)

Swing (Gaffer and Grip helper)

2 PA’s

Production Designer

Set Dresser and Props


Casting Director

Rental space for Casting



Script Supervisor

D.I.T. (Digital management)

Hard Drives

Transportation (Passenger Van, Cube truck)


Equipment rental



Sound Mixer


DVD copies

And SOME festival fees

(Feel free to use this list to make your own movie!)

Everyone involved is a full career level professional who is joining this project based on the script and on us. Your money will be stretched, paying 1970s fees (the golden age of cinema) for a present day movie.

Movies can’t make themselves. Come in. Get Close. Open your Box.

May you have everything you desire.


Chris and Don


or POST this Link:

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