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Funded, but yet, not…

April 11, 2012

Hello Friends of Box,

Here’s the good news:  We reached our funding goal in just two weeks.

Here’s the other good news: Our creative team is so high end, our sets so great, our actor so talented, that this whole thing is going to cost 17K.  And since we are so “in” it makes sense to go all the way, right? (A couple of producers told us early on that we were budgeting too low, but we thought we could reinvent the money wheel. Annoying wrong buzz sound…)  You want all your departments on set to be fully prepared so the film gets shot as efficiently (time-wise) as possible. Because no one can afford an extra day.

And with that—I ask, please jump on board if you have not yet. If you have, and so many of you have, in fact, over 100 of you have and we are so grateful, so if you have, then maybe you can simply post our site on something like Facebook or Twitter or on your bumper.

Have a great Day.

And remember: The only way movies are made that are not all about explosions and cleavage, is by the support of people like you.



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